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by Tom Siebert

Marketers, take note: This year’s college class carries a certain distinction–the most wired.



Data released yesterday from the Alloy Media + Marketing’s 2006 College Explorer Study, in tandem with Harris Interactive, shows that 2006’s campus class is the largest in history, at 17.4 million. It also carries a record number of gadgets to keep students connected in dorms, classrooms and commons.

“When a marketer is looking at a college student, looking at someone who is constantly connected, they seeing someone to whom traditional media platforms are less and less relevant,” says Samantha Skey, svp of Strategic Marketing for Alloy.

Students are spending 11 hours every day engaged with media, the study reveals, and are increasingly mobile. A full 50 percent of college students arrive at school with a laptop, indicating both the increased availability of wireless connectivity–blanket coverage is now available on 29 percent of the nation’s campuses–and the diminished role of desktop computers.

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