News of another advisory body established by Nielsen Media Research: the Council for Research Excellence, the firm’s independent forum established last year, is commissioning a pilot study on consumption of traditional and emerging video platforms inside and outside the home.

The study, proposed jointly by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design (CMD) and consultancy Sequent Partners, aims to help media researchers understand the relative positions of video-based media and how people interact with each of them – Nielsen’s A2/M2 initiative aims to offer integrated video measurement across the full range of video platforms.

Researchers will conduct a pilot involving observation of sample participants minute-by-minute to build categories for their media exposure, life activities, location and attention. A larger project running over a full year may follow, depending on and feeding off the pilot.

The CRE, which serves as an independent forum giving Nielsen insights into viewing habits and aligning its R&D spending with client priorities, was created in 2005 with a dedicated $2.5m R&D fund. An additional $2.5m was allotted earlier this year.

Steve Sternberg, Executive VP of Audience Analysis at MAGNA Global, and Co-Chair of the Council’s Media Consumption and Engagement Committee, says the rapidly evolving media world makes it ‘essential to get a handle on not only what people are doing, but how they are reacting, how their behavior changes over time, and how each emerging technology acquisition fits into their lives.’

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