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by Joe Mandese

A group of influential agency and TV industry researchers, backed with heavy funding from Nielsen Media Research, has commissioned its first significant piece of consumer research: an ambitious pilot study observing how people actually consume video across various media platforms. The study, which will be conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design utilizing the same techniques used in its highly regarded Middletown Media Studies, is designed to create a framework for understanding how technology is changing the way people watch video-based advertising and programming. The project coincides with Nielsen’s own initiatives to develop new syndicated research based on multiple methods measuring viewing across multiple video platforms both inside and outside the home. In a related move, Nielsen Monday appointed members of several client committees advising the research firm’s so-called A2/M2 program, which stands for anytime, anywhere. The committees–which are broken into groups overseeing the development of integrated TV and online ratings, electronic audience measurement for mid-size and smaller TV markets, measurement of video in out-of-home locations, and measurement of video on personal media devices such as the Apple’s iPod–are comprised of high-profile agency researchers such as Magna Global’s Steve Sternberg, MindShare’s Kathy Crawford and Carat’s Shari Anne Brill.

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