Media Magazine

by Mike Bloxham

A little over 10 years ago, I heard a conference speaker refer to sponsorship as “the brown suede shoe in a sea of black tuxedos.” Apart from wishing I’d said it first, I was struck then – and still am now – by the way in which sponsorship has firmly retained its position as the Cinderella of the marketing mix, while advertising retains the mantle of Prince Charming.
Despite numerous predictions of the demise of conventional advertising – especially TV advertising – it’s a craft that continues to hold sway in the marketing hierarchy and will do so for a good while yet.

While advertising is in a process of gradual transition, the same is true of every other aspect of the media ecosystem in response to digital communications, emerging media, changing consumer media behaviors and so on. All that can really be debated is the pace of that transition, its various directions and consequences and where it will all end up.

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