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Mobile Marketing Association –

by Diarmiud Mallon

Throughout 2007, Sybase 365 conducted mobile banking surveys of consumers across three regions: the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The survey was conducted by Loudhouse Research, an independent research company based in the UK.
A wide range of mobile users were surveyed in each country. Questions ranged from whether those surveyed had used mobile banking and frequency, if they knew whether or not their bank offered mobile services, whether they would switch banks to gain access to mobile banking, and what types of services they have used via mbanking. Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPost News

The academic media researchers at Ball State University’s Center for Media Design are known for their Midwestern roots on the university’s Muncie, IN, campus, but the center this week officially opened a New York research facility to work more closely with big players in the East Coast media community. The facility, which includes state-of-the-art eye-tracking and media usability research technologies, will operate in partnership with Schematic, the full-service digital and design agency recently acquired by WPP Group. The New York research office will also provide BSU students with learning opportunities in the coming years through a variety of research partnerships.


Ball State University’s Centre for Media Design (CMD) has partnered with WPP-owned digital agency Schematic to open an eye-tracking and usability studies facility in the agency’s New York offices.

Mike BloxhamDirector of CMD’s Insight & Research Mike Bloxham said that the centre was responding to demand from industry partners who want its expertise. ‘Not only will our partners have access to research we are doing in Indianapolis and Muncie, but we can now add additional data to the mix by accessing people from the New York market.’ Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPostBlogs TV Board

by Joe Mandese

Typically, we discuss the future of television on these pages. Today, I’d like to recognize an important part of its past. Or, I should say, a part of its passing. The death notice came quietly the other day, and it took the form of a Nielsen communiqué that nonchalantly informed clients it would cease collecting and reporting data on television remote controls at the end of this year.The news elicited no banner headlines in the industry trade press, or front page stories in The New York Times. It logged nary a blog. For all intent and purposes it was a non-story, and no big event. In fact, Nielsen said it was discontinuing its tracking of remote controls because they had approached ubiquity and the data has essentially become irrelevant. Read the rest of this entry »

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Insight and Research at the Center for Media Design (CMD) has begun to receive quite a bit of attention from industry publications and mainstream media outlets in the last several years as a groundbreaking and reputable media research organization. This archive is only for educational purpose, if the content involved any copyright issue, please contact: Michelle Prieb:
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