Content Marketing Today

by Newt Barrett

Check out Notes from the Digital Frontier, a blog by millennials

notes from the digital frontier There is a lot of great content from the Media Post people.  One of their blogs, Notes from the Digital Frontier, is especially valuable because it captures the thinking of twenty-somethings about the media world that we all inhabit.

They tackle a broad range of topics from out of home television to billboards.  So they are definitely not hooked simply on new media stuff. If you try to get a handle on how young people think, this is a great place to go.

The blog works the way blogs are supposed to work. A dozen rotating bloggers share their opinions and generate literate feedback from a diverse set of respondents. This makes for some lively online conversations.

For example, a recent post that suggested out of home TV was a worthless marketing tool– citing a TV screen at a gas pump in Chicago in January as a perfect example–prompted a lot of critical responses. Blogger, Amanda, opined:

In my opinion, this is the central problem with touting out-of-home TVs as the next best thing – life just gets in the way. I do look at TVs when I’m running around doing my daily errands but I’m inevitably concentrating on what I’m doing and not on what I’m watching. This goes for TVs in restaurants, doctor’s offices, and the mall among others. I know the TVs are there, but I don’t remember what was on them. That’s why this marketing tool is not as effective as some believe it to be.

This prompted a number of responses including one from David Jaeger of About Results Marketing:

Yes, the gas station one is stupid… and will probably cause people to zone out screens, which is kind of sad. But bottom line, there are alot of places that the placement is brilliant. I’d happily sink $10k into that than into a TV commercial, where all of the audience numbers for CPM’s don’t include the number of people that aren’t fully engaged.

A doubly useful blog on the thinking of millennials

Because the bloggers are all in their 20s, you can observe the way that they think by the topics they select and their take on those topics. But it also forces you to think differently on marketing topics that might have dropped off your radar screen–or never even been there.

Among recent topics:

  • How satellite radio could take the marketing lead
  • Why don’t doctors text?
  • Making do without technology
  • Worthwhile political blogs
  • Second life useful or not?
  • Are social networks getting too big?

The blog posts are short, to the point, and frequently amusing.  Often the comments are just as helpful as the original posts.

Keeping up is hard to do.  Reading Notes for the Digital Frontier makes keeping up with the thinking of the younger generation a little bit easier.