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I think so. The diary measures engagement. The PPM measures behavior. And, they are not the same thing.

Mike Bloxham’s Media Post blog today is about TV ratings measurement, but I think you could substitute the letters “PPM” and place “radio” where he says “set top box” and get a view of our future, now that Project Apollo is dead.

Remember these words:

“One thing is certain, however. As complex as the media ecosystem is right now, it is only going to get more complex – and at an ever-increasing pace. What looks challenging and difficult to navigate now will probably look like the land of milk and honey when we look back in ten years’ time. As such, it is equally certain that no one solution is going to provide us with what we need to optimize communications efficiency. We will increasingly go digital in our measurement systems, but we will still need to understand the context of media use that data harvested from devices and meters will never capture.”

In a few years, you’re going to say Mike had a crystal ball.