MediaPost’s TVBoard –

by Joe Mandese

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 months since we launched the TV Board to post some expert points-of-view on the future of the small screen. And it’s fitting that the very first post was by none other than Jack Myers, a TV industry visionary who’s always been one step ahead of the industry. Ironically, Jack’s inaugural TV Board his prediction that the 30-second-spot would “soon be obsolete” has not come to fruition.But it is with mixed feelings that I must inform you that Jack’s contribution to the TV board has become obsolete. Much as he said he’s enjoyed contributing to the board and getting feedback from the readers of MediaPost, Jack said he needed to change his own publishing model and focus on building I will miss his contributions to this board, but Jack says he will remain a TV Board alum and will show up at some of our events, like the TV Board panel discussion at MEDIA magazine’s Outfront conference on April 24th in New York.

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