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Today I thought I would share a bunch of unrelated stuff with you that I have come across in the last few weeks that I found interesting. Hopefully you can use this to sound smart or start a conversation during your next business meeting.

HOT New Stuff! Just saw this on and wanted to add it in – a great preso from a brand manager at Proctor and Gamble – Dave Knox. Take a minute and click through! Then please come back and read the rest of what’s here.
Turn off the computer, Teletubbies is on!
A new survey out of the UK suggests 49% of kids aged between 8 and 17 have a social media profile. According to Andy Beal, these kids will have a competitive advantage when they hit the work force; “…they’ll have a new mindset: valuable information can be found, not in a search engine, but in a network of people with similar interests.” I keep telling you to get connected! It’s not too late!

And while you’re watching, tell them what you think!
When my daughter watches a Sugar Mama ad (see more about that here), she’s asked to provide feedback after the one minute spot. Steve Rubel notes that traditionally “advertising is not exactly known as a two-way paradigm. However, the web changes that. Digital creative can and should be able to not only solicit feedback but to adjust in real-time like mood rings to what people say back.” I want to do this when I am watching TV – like I do with my TiVo. Three thumbs up!

Tell me again, why aren’t all iPods wireless?
In this student-authored blog, David vents his frustration at wanting to get the most current content but being forced to “synch” his iPod with his computer makes the content stale and useless. For the most part, Apple has done a great job on the user experience, but we can learn a few lessons from them on what to improve going forward. [The smart folks who sponsor this group have also published a report they invite you to download called: High School Media Too: A School Day in the Lives of Fifteen Teenagers. Get it here.

No wonder you can’t get their attention (unless you txt)
Students are finding new ways to engage in other activities while they do their homework. Over half (55%) listen to music and nearly half (45%) watch. Two in ten students talk on the phone (20%) or text message (17%). There’s more where this came from in the most recent Harris Newsletter.

Speaking of school, is this just an American thing?
New York Magazine has a huge article on a scandal involving Horace Mann, a private school in New York that became entangled with Facebook (among other things). The story reads like an episode of Gossip Girl with a little back office politics to boot. From my perspective, I think it’s interesting to read about parents who think Facebook is somehow private! I hate to sound like a broken record, but parents need to get online. Join Facebook and see what what’s really going on (in my experience, the Horace Mann story is an absolute worst case scenario!).

Last item: register early and save!
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