MediaPost’s Media Daily News

by Joe Mandese

In what may be an industry first, a leading research and consulting group has teamed up with a renowned American university to launch a new privately-held media research company that will utilize state-of-the-art methods to track consumer media behavior. The Media Behavior Institute (MBI), was unveiled by Mike Bloxham, director of insight and research at the Center of Media Design at Ball State University during an opening keynote at Wednesday’s session of the Advertising Research Foundation’s audience measurement conference in New York.

BSU, which is perhaps best known for nearly a century’s worth of so-called “Middletown Studies,” highly regarded observational research that directly observes how people actually use media, had already been working closely with the private sector, especially Sequent Partners, the research and consulting group formed by former ARF President Jim Spaeth and Marketing Science Institute President Bill Moult, on a variety of industry research initiatives, including a $3.5 million Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence study that will employ BSU’s observational methods.

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