Subscribers Rule!

I’m pleased to share that two of my colleagues at ExactTarget, Morgan Stewart & Chip House, have just released a new research whitepaper that explores one-to-one messaging trends among today’s consumers.

Entitled Messaging Behaviors, Preferences & Personas, the research was conducted in cooperation with Michael Bloxham and Michael Holms of The Center for Media Design at Ball State University.

Notable in its definition and exploration of several consumer “personas” and their preferences with regard to marketing via email, SMS, Instant Messenger, and Social Media, the whitepaper certainly confirms that consumers are the ones in charge of their various inbox relationships.

If you’d like to review the findings for yourself, click here.  And stayed tuned for more analysis in the days and weeks to come.  Combined with Morgan & Chip’s prior SUBSCRIBERS RULE! whitepaper, there’s a lot to chew on.