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Online marketers must ensure emails are as user-friendly as possible, a sector commentator has stated.

Writing on web resource, Jakob Nielsen states the medium is one of a website’s most powerful tools in terms of strengthening customer experience and also enhancing confidence and trust on the part of a site user.

He states this is achieved by reaching out to clients in ways that are otherwise impossible for websites to do – as such resources must “sit and await” a user’s approach.

“Messages must be designed for optimal usability. They must have a user interface that both works in a crowded inbox and accounts for most people’s typically hectic approach to reading mail,” Mr Nielsen continues.

Concluding, he calls on marketers to remember email is a user interface which has the capacity to “close the loop” in terms of e-commerce transactions and should be designed accordingly.

Meanwhile, Tim Kopp, chief marketing officer of ExactTarget, recently stated companies are looking to increase their email marketing return on investment, given the current economic climate.