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People between 18 and 34 prefer to receive marketing through direct mail or email rather than social networking, according to a new study.

The research by ExactTarget, which suggests the benefits of direct mail for SMEs, found that while 50 per cent of young homemakers may regularly use social media, they prefer to receive promotions through the post or via email.

It was also revealed that teens use social networking sites more than any other age group, but are still more likely to buy a product after marketing it through email or direct mail.

Mike Bloxham, director of insight and research for Ball State University’s Centre for Media Design, said: “It is too easy to assume that the media consumers choose for their own news, information and entertainment are, by default, the best media to use for marketing messages.

“This is a dangerous assumption to make in a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their level of control over their media experiences.”

Recent research by eMetrics Marketing Optimisation found many companies are planning to either increase or maintain their email marketing budget next year.