The Agitator

by Tom

Here’s a white paper (must register to download) on marketing channel preferences from Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and ExactTarget, a email marketing company.

They looked at six target segments and their preferences regarding media for receiving marketing messages. Biggest surprise was the continuing preference among younger consumers (age 18-34) for direct mail and email when it comes to receiving marketing messages.

Some findings:

* 20 percent of wired consumers have signed up for marketing offers via short message service, but they want to receive text messages only for urgent customer service issues such as financial alerts or travel updates;

* more than 50 percent of young homemakers use social networks and SMS during the day, but direct mail and e-mail are their two preferred marketing channels;

* 81 percent of retired consumers have purchased online (this is the finding that impresses me … no reason they shouldn’t be donating online);

* college students believe private communication channels such as SMS and social networks are off-limits for marketers;

* teens use social networking more than any other group, but are more likely to make a purchase from direct mail, followed by e-mail; and

* in the established professionals group, women are more likely to use new channels like instant messaging, SMS and social networking to communicate with friends and family, but both men and women shop online, with 92 percent of consumers in this group having made an online purchase.

Here’s the article from eMarketing & Commerce; from there you can download the paper.