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by Bob

The Center for Media Design at Ball State University has combined with Exact Target to research and release a new White Paper on how receptive teens and other age groups are to marketing efforts on social network sites, email, smartphones and more.

The bottom line result: the right marketing strategy varies not only by age but also by different personas within age groups. There’s no “one size fits all” approach. This report will help you find the right paths to reach your important target groups.

One finding: if you market to people over the age of 25, email is still a strong choice. More often than not, your best time choice for the email is in the morning, when people spend more time reading each email message. For many in the survey, direct mail remains strong as well.

The report covers six different audiences, including Established Professionals and Young Homemakers. Read a detailed summary and download a copy of “Messaging Behaviors, Preferences, and Personas” in PDF format at