MediaPost Blogs: TV Board

by Mike Bloxham

OK, so you may not agree with the last part of the title for this column, but that’s fine, since this isn’t about whether or not the right guy won — we won’t know that for a while yet. Although I confess I wanted Obama to carry the day, this piece is about media, not politics, so you can read on without fear of any partisan proselytizing from me. In common with most of the nation, my evening yesterday was held hostage to the election reporting of the unfolding drama that was always going to culminate in a historic recasting at the White House. Either way, we were in for a first of one kind or another – the first African-American president or the first female vice president. And with the cast of characters we’d been following for so long and the twists and turns the campaigns had taken, the dramatic tension and excitement was palpable, especially in my home state of Indiana — a battleground for the first time in 44 years and one that eventually (at around 2 a.m.) was called in favor of Obama by the narrowest of margins.

Amazingly, after two years of heavy-duty campaigning through the primaries to the Big Vote, we didn’t get bored and switch off. Partly it was the casting, partly the nature of the campaigns and the situation the country (and the world) found itself in. But it was also due to how this election was covered.

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