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MediaPost- TVBoard

by Mike Bloxham

And with that in mind, I feel the overwhelming need to cast off all gloomy thoughts of recessions, bailouts and what’s happened to my net worth in the last few months and instead focus on the lighter and distinctly more trivial side of life.
No earnest discussion of TV measurement, emerging ad formats, digital transition and the collapsing ad economy here thank you.  I want to focus on what — from the world of TV and online video — has made us all laugh over the last twelve months (sometimes despite ourselves) or just made us feel good.
I want to include them both, as where TV ends and online begins is largely a matter of distribution and the display device.  The content jumps these barriers and increasingly feeds off each other, so let’s go with that fact for the purposes of this column. Read the rest of this entry »


New Economics of Advertising

by Jack Loechner

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, at the University of South Australia, has collaborated with the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania for the Empirical Generalizations in Advertising Conference. The aim of the conference was to take stock of what we do, and don’t, know about advertising, as a base to try to understand how advertising might work in the future.

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Online marketing firm Sitebrand is using Silverpop’s email marketing technology to enhance its client offerings.

Silverpop enables marketers to launch email marketing campaigns, then extend them to social networks, where their messages can be “virally” shared. It also assists with lead-gen campaigns and provides analytics.

VP-Sales/Marketing Darryl Praill of Sitebrand said it chose Silverpop for its “strong reporting capabilities and flexible level of customization.”

Silverpop “makes it easy for our clients to send targeted email campaigns that drive traffic to a website. And once that traffic arrives, Sitebrand [serves] personalized web campaigns that ensure consistent, relevant messaging” — a combination he believes will improve conversions.

Last October, Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and ExactTarget reported that youth are more receptive to email — versus social network-based — marketing. To build email’s engagement potential, Goodmail Systems recently developed a way to insert, and play, videos within email messages.

Destination CRM

by Jessica Tsai

Unlike email, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with mobile. You’re treading on seriously thin ice when it comes to targeting people in their pockets. Yet, despite the obstacles, marketing continues to persevere in this direction, making mobile marketing not only plausible but present. Online marketing solutions provider Lyris announced the availability of its SMS texting solution yesterday on its Lyris HQ online marketing stuite. The decision to do incorporate mobile was pretty obvious, explains J.D. Peterson, director of product management. “The main reason we’re doing it, frankly,” he says, “is customer demand.” Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPost TVBoard

by Mike Bloxham

As we’ve moved ever-closer to the inevitable reality of marketing messages that are targeted at either the household or individual level across just about any communications platform, the issue of privacy has kept pace like a sheepdog attempting to herd a large and unruly flock of sheep. The relationship is inevitable, unpredictable and not entirely one of choice — but it’s here to stay.  


From the origins of direct mail through to the present day with online behavioral targeting, email marketing and the seemingly imminent promise of addressable TV advertising, the issue of privacy has gained more attention. There are more advocacy groups established to represent the interests of consumers, taking pot-shots at those who allegedly play fast-and-loose with personal information for commercial gain). Periodically we see politicians weighing in on the topic as well. Read the rest of this entry »


by DJ Waldow, Director of Best Practices & Deliverabilty at Bronto

The Email Insider Summit continues to deliver on it’s promise of being, “a totally unique event where the biggest brands and brightest minds caucus for three-days on state of email marketing.” Day one did not disappoint. Below is a recap of some of the highlights.

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by Chip House

Day 1 of the Email Insiders conference was perhaps the best ever. The day began with Stephen Greer who ran the online marketing campaign for Obama for America. Per Stephen, email marketing was at the “center of their strategy.” The core success of the program was likely due to its clearly articulated focus on “Messaging, Mobilization and Money.” Our President Elect owes much to Stephen and his staff who saw the value and power in speaking to the base, with a clear and relevant message.

Next on the agenda was the panel of “moms” moderated by Mike Bloxham, the Director of Insight and Research at Ball State. These moms are so busy that they don’t have time to think about marketing. One panelist said, “We are so busy that we don’t have time to use the internet….maybe 11:00 at night.” Moms (and likely homemaker dads) are looking for value that they can bring to their family, to help them serve their main goal: running the family. Marketers need to understand that value, relevance, and utility are musts for communicating to busy soccer moms. Also, like any demographic – using just the demographic data to try to describe the preferences of this group is inadequate. For example, while one mom of the five was a Blackberry user, a few others complained that technology changes too fast for them to keep up. Read the rest of this entry »

Mediapost Raw

by Mike Bloxham

The answer may be when it comes to privacy.

Listening to the final session of the morning today at the Email Insider Summit there was much talk of the abiity to take and leverage data based on the behavior of individuals – obviously a boon from a targeting perspective, but to some at least, potentially contentious on the privacy front.

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Online Media Daily

by Joe Mandese

Ball State University, the alma mater of David Letterman that has been developing a reputation for advanced media studies, Thursday unveiled a major initiative designed to advance the study of emerging media and to better prepare students for careers in a rapidly changing digital economy. The program, backed by $17.7 million in funding over the next five years from a combination of institutional and private sector sources, is another in a series of commitments the Indiana state university has made to become an area of academic excellence for the media industry. Read the rest of this entry »


by Chip House

This just in: 18-24 year olds think of email as a “formal” medium of communication. This is ironic, maybe even laughable or disturbing to some. I remember when email was first coming into broader adoption in the mid-90’s I read editorials discussing the demise of manners due to the loss of the personal, handwritten letter.

College students just think differently than us older (ahem, established career) folks. We recently hosted a panel of students from Ball State’s Center for Media Design (CMD) who hit this point home. For them, social media and SMS round out the top forms of personal messaging, and email is the realm of the formal, the land of the adults, parents, professors, and even grandmas. One student on the panel even said: “An email is like getting a letter. It’s just above a Facebook wall post of “sweet things.” Awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

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