by DJ Waldow, Director of Best Practices & Deliverabilty at Bronto

The Email Insider Summit continues to deliver on it’s promise of being, “a totally unique event where the biggest brands and brightest minds caucus for three-days on state of email marketing.” Day one did not disappoint. Below is a recap of some of the highlights.

Also, you can follow the action in real-time on Twitter (#EIS).

David Baker kicked off the conference with his list of the 12 most powerful words: Guarantee, Proven, Discovery, Love, Safety, Easy, Health, Results, New, Save, Money, and You.

Stephen Geer, the Director of Email and Online Fundraising, Obama for America, captivated the audience for nearly an hour as he gave insights into the strategies of the Obama New Media Team. Interesting points:

  • 3 goals were Messaging, Mobilization, and Money
  • Obama Mantra: Respect, Empower, Include
  • Single biggest day of fundraising in the history of politics was day after Governor Palin’s acceptance speech
  • Stephen wrote many of the “From Barack” emails. This was unprecedented as he is not a speech writer.
  • Deliverabilty was an issue (not many details here). They sent a ton of email, but the volume varied by state, by individual, by data point
  • When asked about “Election Day Overkill” (3 knocks on door, 5 phone calls, 4 emails), Stephen said it was not an issue…as long as you voted.
  • Favorite quote: “2 years of not sleeping is a really long time.”

Next up was the “mom panel” as it quickly became known as. The official title was, “Consumers Speak: Mom’s Open Up about Email: A panel of Moms gives a top researcher of consumer media habits (and you) their ideas about online consumption and how email plays a part in their lives.

Moderated by Mike Bloxham, Director of Insight, Ball State University Center for Media Design, the panel consisted of 4 moms, ages 25-36 with 2+ children, and income above $100K. Some takeaways:

  • Frequency of emails is like kids going, “Mom, mom, mom, mom…”
  • One woman said that the computer is a “time sucker.”
  • They are loyal to marketers who make it simple/quick – “send me an offer and let me purchase. Don’t have time to navigate, jump through hoops. Make it easy.”
  • Some other fun comments were posted on Twitter.

The moms were a tough act to follow, but the “Marketers Speak” panel proved to be another great one. David Baker moderated this group of top marketers:

Brad Schleif, Specialist, E-Commerce, Northwest Airlines
Sal Tripi, Director of Operations, Publisher’s Clearing House
Vincent Cheung, Chief Customer Officer and SVP, 24 Hour Fitness

Some of the key quotes included:

  • “No segment is too small.”
  • “Send less email, more relevant.”
  • “Personalization and segmentation on steroids.”
  • “Make data actionable – personalized experience.”

Day 2 is starting now. Looking forward to the 9AM Keynote by Jim Sterne, Founder and President, Web Analytics Association (I sat next to Jim at dinner last night. Amazing story about how he met his wife). Also, at 9:45, Brian Whalley (Bronto client from OurStage) will be on a panel discussing “Email as a Social Media Tool.”

Finally, for the real-time, raw, filter-free commentary on the Email Insider Summit, tune into Twitter.

DJ Waldow
Director of Best Practices & Deliverabilty at Bronto