Destination CRM

by Jessica Tsai

Unlike email, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with mobile. You’re treading on seriously thin ice when it comes to targeting people in their pockets. Yet, despite the obstacles, marketing continues to persevere in this direction, making mobile marketing not only plausible but present. Online marketing solutions provider Lyris announced the availability of its SMS texting solution yesterday on its Lyris HQ online marketing stuite. The decision to do incorporate mobile was pretty obvious, explains J.D. Peterson, director of product management. “The main reason we’re doing it, frankly,” he says, “is customer demand.”

With more than 200 million North American consumers using text messaging within the next couple of years, the growth of SMS messaging is tremendous, Peterson says. Still, he admits that mobile marketing is still in its infancy. Research from Jupiter Research, now a part of Forrester Research, has indicated that consumer desire to receive marketing messages through SMS remains low.

According to an October 2008 white paper released by email marketing service provider ExactTarget and Indiana’s Ball State University’s Center for Media Design, “Wired” consumers — who tend to be “young males, ages 18 to 34, without kids, are employed with an income of at least $35,000, and at least a college education – were more likely to subscribe for marketing messages via SMS than any other group. Even so, only 20 percent of them wanted to receive campaigns and preferred that they be confined to “urgent customer service issues like financial alerts or travel updates,” rather than promotions, sweepstakes, or polls, the report states.