MediaPost- TVBoard

by Mike Bloxham

And with that in mind, I feel the overwhelming need to cast off all gloomy thoughts of recessions, bailouts and what’s happened to my net worth in the last few months and instead focus on the lighter and distinctly more trivial side of life.
No earnest discussion of TV measurement, emerging ad formats, digital transition and the collapsing ad economy here thank you.  I want to focus on what — from the world of TV and online video — has made us all laugh over the last twelve months (sometimes despite ourselves) or just made us feel good.
I want to include them both, as where TV ends and online begins is largely a matter of distribution and the display device.  The content jumps these barriers and increasingly feeds off each other, so let’s go with that fact for the purposes of this column.

So to that end, I want to know what the good readers of MediaPost would nominate as their favorite funny and feel-good moments of the TV and video year 2008.  It can be a series, a specific program, a news item or a comedy sketch — it’s up to you.  Give me your top three — in order if you can and with links where relevant — and if enough of you respond over the holiday period I’ll list the winners.

If nothing else it will put a smile on your face as you think back over the last year and enjoy the holiday season.
Here are some of my favorites to put you in the mood:

Top Gear:  As someone not remotely interested in cars or anything to do with them I consider it a testament to the excellence of this program that it has engaged millions like me around the world along with all the gear heads you’d expect to expect to tune in.  By turns hilarious, outrageous, irreverent and determinedly un-PC, this Brit export just made a welcome return to our screens here in the US.  This trailer for series twelve gives you an idea of the fun the presenters have on this show..

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