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by Mike Bloxham

Looking back at the Presidential election and the levels of media consumption it generated, it’s a pretty safe bet that next week’s inauguration will set some records.Aside from the event’s historic significance, the Obama camp has thus far successfully engaged a wide variety of audiences — including some audiences historically less involved in the political process. The echo of that engagement will be seen next Tuesday in the ratings generated by the coverage of the ceremony, in sales of newspapers and magazines — and subsequently, in the volume of online viewing of clips, edits, mash-ups, commentary and (who knows?) maybe even a few related spoofs.

CNN set its own records on election night, and it may well do the same for the inauguration.

But longer term, it’s interesting to consider the extent to which the expertise that Obama and his team have amply demonstrated can be applied beyond the election and the inauguration (think Super Bowl, only bigger) and into regular season politics. To what extent will the sense of excitement, optimism and involvement that was so effectively cultivated on the ground during the campaign be translated through the first term of office?

And what effect might that have on ratings of news programming, Web traffic on news sites and social networks (a mainstay of the election campaign), print media sales and the email marketing business?

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