MediaPost Blogs: TV Board

by Mike Bloxham

While it’s true to say we — along with the rest of the world — are in pretty dire economic straits right now (and likely will be for some time), I’m really not sure I want to live in a state of communal fear and depression until we come out of it.

Certainly we have to be mindful of our circumstances and responsible in our actions, but does that really mean we have to talk ourselves into a downward spiral of doom, gloom and despondency, with the resulting impact on our behavior and quality of life — not to mention the amplifying effect such a mindset has on our economic situation?

It’s a truism to say that our natural reaction to recessionary forces is to tighten our belts and spend less, but it’s equally true to say that this compounds the problem (hence uniform agreement on the need to get money flowing in the economy, albeit less than uniform agreement on the details of how). Those of us in employment, who can afford to continue spending, have an obligation to do so, in my view. Sure, spend responsibly, but do it. This is how we lessen the impact of the downturn.

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