MediaPost Blog- Diane Mermigas on media

by Diane Mermigas

The highly touted Video Consumer Mapping Study is much ado about nothing, or everything — depending on the filter used to assess the voluminous findings and overall effort.


Based on the preliminary findings revealed March 26, the ambitious study reassures media and advertising executives that their TV dollars remain viable, declaring its continued dominance in a multiscreen world. Even multitasking young adults and younger baby boomers spend more time with television than with their indispensable smartphones, other mobile devices and computers. The dazzle of HDTV, DVR playback and DVDs contribute to TV’s 99% Three-Screen appeal among adults to age 55.

The well-intended $3.5 million year-long project conducted by Ball State University and funded by Nielsen through its independent Council for Research Excellence generally hails television a winner on most fronts. Just in time for the start of the networks’ recession-strained new upfront advertising sales.

The 350 TV users whose every move was observed and electronically recorded by researchers in spring and fall of 2008 were “exposed” to about an average of one hour of live ads and promos. A higher percentage of participants gave more of their undivided attention to TV than to computers (ranked second), all forms of print (ranked fourth) and audio (ranked third). Television remains the “800 pound gorilla” in video media.

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