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L’Atelier North America

By Mark Alvarez

The average American adult spends eight and a half hours a day in front of a screen, whether it’s on a computer, TV, mobile phone or other gadget.

Users who spend the most time in front of a screen are those in the 45-54 age group, who dedicate nine and a half hours to this per day.

These are the results of a new study by the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence (CRE) and Ball State University’s Center for Media Design (CMD).

TV is still the main media activity, followed in descending popularity by computers, radio and print media. Read the rest of this entry »


BIA Perspectives

by Rick Ducey

The answer is “not very,” and it cost the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence $3.5 million to find this out in a study conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and Sequent Partners. Mike Bloxham, from Ball State’s CMD was the project’s director and is a keynote speaker at BIA’s “Winning Media Strategies” being held May 20-22, 2009 in Washington, DC. While preliminary have been released, additional findings and further discussion will be presented at the Winning Media Strategies conference.

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Mediapost’s Media Daily News

by Erik Sass

A new study from TiVo and Innerscope Research provides data supporting what advertisers have long suspected: Viewers are less likely to fast-forward through emotionally engaging advertising — provided it’s able to grab them in the first few seconds.

The study of 55 national TV ads revealed that ads which scored “low” in terms of emotional engagement were 25% more likely to be skipped than those ranked “high.”

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As the print journalism industry cripples, this quarterly non-profit magazine is expanding, exemplifying the question: Can the Internet and the printing press coexist?

North Kitsap Herald

by Bill Mickelson

They don’t sell advertising. They aren’t turning a profit. Yet against the trend of print journalism gasping for air, with cutbacks and layoffs and death rattles across the country, the Bainbridge Island-based Yes! Magazine is expanding its operation.

The 13-year-old, internationally distributed quarterly publication of the non-profit Positive Futures Network is bringing on additional staff for an online initiative of blogs and commentary tailored to day’s national and international headlines which they’ve termed: “YES! Takes” on the news.

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Video Business

by Danny King

A new report released last week suggests that the decline of the DVD is greatly exaggerated.

Despite the increasing use of digital video recorders and personal computers to watch TV and film content, people spend more time watching DVDs than using their DVRs and viewing online videos combined, according to a Nielsen study. Additionally, people were more than 10 times as likely to watch a DVD as they were to watch a movie in a theater, Nielsen said. Read the rest of this entry »

Telepresence Options

by Chris Payatagool

Adult Americans spend an average of more than eight hours a day in front of screens — televisions, computer monitors, cellphones or other devices, according to a new study.

The study also found that live television in the home continues to attract the greatest amount of viewing time with the average American spending slightly more than five hours a day in front of the tube. Read the rest of this entry »

Min Online

by Steve Smith

March 31 – Don’t buy into the Web video hype too quickly. There seems to be scant evidence that eyeballs are fleeing the TV screen for Internet-based video experiences, according to a landmark study of cross-platform media usage. Read the rest of this entry »

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