Digital Pivot

by Offset Media

What if I told you a lot of the assumptions you’re making about how people enjoy video entertainment these days is wrong?

Well a lot of people are buying into a hysteria that kind of feeds on itself, that video entertainment has moved to the web and mobile devices and that it’s young people who are voraciously consuming that content. Major corporations are currently hyperventilating to find the most youth-targeted, cutting edge content with which to brand themselves using the very latest whiz bank technology, then push that content out to mobile devices. They’re paying “consultants” gazillions to make this happen, and happen fast, feeling like they’re already behind and playing catch-up.


Ball State’s Center for Media Design, along with Nielsen’s Council for Research Excellence just released the results of the largest, most comprehensive study of current media usage habits. It took a year and $3.5 million to conduct.

Think people at the age extremes watch the most video, meaning young adults and retirees? Nope. If you want the largest possible audience for your video content, you should be aiming at baby boomers aged 45-54, because that’s who consumes the most video entertainment. But you won’t, because that’s not “hip,” and you don’t think you can change the buying habits of people that age.

Brace yourself, there’s more heresy to come.

The research also found that video viewing on the Internet is still shockingly small. People spend an average of just 2 minutes a day with it. So who’s the big media dog?

TV…on a TV set…in the home…still.

And that’s true of people 18-24 too.

Okay well what about the clearly obvious, heavily reported trend of people skipping the ads that come on regular TV?! Ain’t happenin. TV viewers watched an average of 72 minutes a day of ads and promos.

So contrary to feeling left behind in the changing media landscape, a lot of advertisers have shot themselves in the foot by abandoning a medium and a delivery vehicle that works, that’s proven, that they do well, and that’s still seen by the largest number of people. Good ol’ TV commercials.

Read it for yourself.

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