Media Magazine

by Mike Bloxham

It’s in the nature of the media and communications industries that those employed in them spend inordinate amounts of time deeply immersed in its minutiae. The effort and intellectual capital that goes into such things on a daily basis is almost suggestive of obsession. While at its best – and such effort undoubtedly pays off to varying degrees – it is, in all cases, at odds with the amount of time and attention consumers give those efforts and the brands they intend to promote.

It is, after all, a sad fact that for the vast majority of the time, no brand rises above the level of insignificance for the average consumer. The good news? This fundamentally justifies the work of all those people toiling away in the communications industries. If consumers somehow permanently had their brand-receiving radar on, all those carefully crafted and expensively executed campaigns wouldn’t be needed. We’d probably live in a world of sales promotion and that’s about it.

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