Big Communication Blog

by Libby Sexton

For the past few years, since the advent of Tivo and now DVR, advertisers vs online consultants have been debating whether or not TV was a dead medium. Or a slowly dying one.

While we are fans of social media, we still believe in the staples. Actually,  now more than ever, TV viewership seems to be up. With more people staying in due to the economy, it seems plausible that TV is making a comeback – if it was ever down in the first place.

In fact, recently ran a story titled “TV viewing at all time high, Neilson says”

Or check out this study sited on the Ad Contrarian blog here where they addressed this critical ‘life or death issue’:

In “the largest observational look at media usage ever conducted” researchers at Ball State University’s Center for Media Design, found the following:
• 99% of video viewing was done on a television in the past year.
• Less than 5% of TV viewing was DVR (TiVo) playback.
• YouTube, Hulu, iPhone and all other web and cellphone media combined accounted for less than 1% of video viewing

So what is Big’s prognosis?
TV as a medium is alive, healthy and doing just fine.