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The Nielsen-funded Council for Research  Excellence’s excellent consumer video mapping study has already burst a bubble in the myth that online video is actually dominating consumer media usage, but it’s also showing how vital it truly is to some big marketers. Like, say, Kraft.

That’s what Kraft research diva Barbara Singer said this morning during a presentation and panel discussion at OMMA Video in New York.

The council’s study, which utilized Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and Sequent Partners to field the biggest, and most robust study actually observing how people consume media during a day, found that online video accounts for only about 1% of total video consumption (which is dominated by traditional TV viewing, of course).

But Singer said the more important comparison isn’t between TV and online video, but between online video and print media.

“To us, our No. 2 medium is print. And that comes out very, very low,” Singer said of print media’s vitality in the consumer research study. “In an interesting way, not only is it not small – the online video – but it looks more significant in our place.”