by Kristina Knight

Think it doesn’t matter at what point you receive a consumer’s email address? Think again. A new report from ExactTarget, the Email Marketers Club and the Center for Media Design at Ball State University says collecting an email address at the right time is crucial to building customer loyalty.

So, just when should email addresses be collected? At the highest engagement level, and most times this is at the point of purchase or while consumers are beginning to shop your site. According to the report, collecting email addresses at this time or while consumers are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store have a 60% better chance at keeping a consumer interested.

Other tips from the report include offering an incentive. B-to-B marketers using this tactic fared better in their list building efforts by offering consumers a reason to share their email address. Another top tactic is to use onsite registration and social sharing, but surprisingly mobiles are also a good way to build lists. The report finds that, because mobiles are growing so fast with consumers, giving consumers the ability to input their email address or sign up for mobile alerts is one of the best ways to list-build, even in a down economy.

What are the worst ways to collect email addresses and grow your list? Offline advertising, email appends, list renting and outbound call centers.