Kidds Say the Darndest Things

Hey, who watches TV anymore? The drum has long been beating that TV is dead. What with Hulu, YouTube, and all the time spent on social networking – nobody watches traditional TV anymore right? A giant WRONG.

Ball State’s Center for Media Design did a recent survey deemed “the largest observational look at media usage ever conducted.” The big finding is that 99 percent of TV viewing in the past year was done on a traditional TV set; less than 5 percent of TV viewing was DVR playback; and YouTube, Hulu and all other Web/cell phone media accounted for less than 1 percent of viewing. Surprised? I was.

Yes, computer usage has replaced radio as the second most common media activity. However, TV remains the dominant medium for media consumption and advertising. Ball State’s research also notes that the average American adult is exposed to five hours and nine minutes of live TV every day, almost 15 minutes of TV via a DVR device and 2.4 minutes of video on the computer.

So there you have it. TV is alive and doing very well, thank you. Before you discount the advantages of reaching a potential target with television, think again.