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This according to a new study just released by researchers at Ball State University’s Center For Media Design, which was conducted for the Council on Research Excellence, created by the Nielsen Company, but with an independent board. This was a $3.5 million study paid for by Nielsen which sought, in part, to determine whether media companies needed to address new forms of media measurement. The study is the largest observational look at media usage ever. Researchers captured the actions in real time by shadowing 350 subjects and recording 952 days of behavior. People under 18 were not included.
We thought that you would find the following findings of importance in planning your advertising in 2009:
* Adults are exposed to screens—TVs, cell phones, GPS devices—for about 8.5 hours/day.
* TV remains the dominant medium for media consumption and advertising, the study found.
* Computer usage has supplanted Radio as the second most common medium activity.
* Radio ranks third in media usage.
* Print now ranks fourth in media usage.
* The number of minutes with media is almost identical for EVERY age group, except 45— 54 year olds who spend on average an extra hour in front of screens each day.
* The average American is exposed to 5 hours and 9 minutes of live TV each day, another 15 minutes via a DVR and 2.4 minutes of video on the computer.
* TV accounted for 99% of all video consumed in 2008. Even among 18—24 year olds it was 98%.
* How do 18—24 year olds use media? TV 3.5 hours/day; Text Messaging 29 minutes/day; Online Video 5.5 minutes/day.
* Favorite media usage by age group: 25—34: watching DVDs or VCR videos; 35—44: on the web; 45—54: most time on email; 65+: most time with live TV.
* More than 30% of households now own DVRs, and spend at least 15 minutes a day using a DVR.
* The study showed that people underestimate the amount of TV they watch each day by about 25%.