MediaPost Media Magazine

by Mike Bloxham

The nanopossibilities of onboarding

It’s integral to human nature that we ask questions. Similarly, it’s pretty much always the case that once an answer is supplied, it spawns yet more questions. It’s part of the human condition.

The advent of new technologies and media capabilities has extended this craving for information to the point that ever-more complex and intricate media research processes are required in an attempt to keep up with what an outsider might consider an almost pathological pursuit of data.

How, then, will we manage to gather data consistently and to a quality standard that meets the demands of an ever-voracious industry in a future that will inevitably be characterized by even more media and audience fragmentation, a wider range of devices and functionalities, increased media mobility and interoperability, and so on?

Just as technology has increasingly driven innovations in content distribution, platform development, and functional enhancements, so will it similarly continue to drive much of the development in media measurement. The result will be technologies capable of capturing information that crosses the device-defined silos of the media industry – kind of like the PPM on steroids.

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