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by Bob McCurdy

When it comes to how Americans consume media, an important new study makes it abundantly clear that people still love radio.
Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising as more than 235 million people tune in to radio each week. But a new landmark study shows that radio is second only to television – and a very close second – in how much time the average person actually spends with each medium.

The $3.5 million Nielsen-funded study, conducted by Ball State’s Center for Media Design with oversight by the Council of Research Excellence, is the most comprehensive study of media usage ever conducted on the audio consumption habits of U.S. consumers. All told, the study generated data covering more than three-quarters of a million minutes, or a total of 952 days observed, of media consumption.

It becomes quickly apparent that radio holds a special place among media consumers. Broadcast radio is the dominant form of audio media at home, work and in the car. In fact, a remarkable 77% of the population listens to broadcast radio each day for an average of 109 minutes, or nearly two hours, according to the study. Among key advertising-based media platforms, live television had the highest reach and daily usage at 95.3% for 331 minutes a day, but broadcast radio far exceeded the Internet at 63.7% and 77 minutes, newspapers at 34.6% and 41 minutes, and magazines at 26.5% and 22 minutes.

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