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MUNCIE — A group of students with no programming experience will demonstrate on Wednesday how they developed more than a dozen applications for Google Android, the third most popular smart phone platform behind BlackBerry and the iPhone.

The presentation begins at 9 a.m. in the Center for Media Design, located in Ball Communication Building, room 220.

Under the direction of Paul Gestwicki, students spent the fall semester developing such applications as an Etch-a-Sketch clone, several games, an English-to-Spanish tutoring system, math flashcards and a Dungeons and Dragons character generator with Web-based database storage capability.

The class was part of an experimental partnership between Google and several technology-centered universities including Ball State, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Colorado and University of Michigan.

Google provided the class with 20 G1 developer phones loaded with Google’s Android operating system and gave them access to the new App Inventor for Android, which allows users to create mobile applications.