WIBC Indiana

Apple says it sold 300,000 iPads last Saturday, the first day the wi-fi version went on sale.

The amount beats the number of iPhones sold on its launch date in 2007.

Jenn Milks with Ball State University’s Center for Media Research says consumers like the iPad’s large screen size, range of functions and content options, but it’s too early to tell if the Apple iPad will live up to the hype of being a game-changing computer device or just another must-have gadget.

Milks says the iPad isn’t bringing any new technology to the media world, but its packaging is different enough to defy categorization. She says it will initially have the greatest impact on e-readers such as Amazon.com’s “Kindle” whose functions are limited.

Milks says they’re planning a follow-up study once their survey respondents get some experience using their iPads.