It’s a common belief that most people either change the channel or leave the room during television commercials. But a new study finds this may be just a myth.

According to the Video Consumer Mapping study, conducted by the Council for Research Excellence, the large majority of TV viewers – 86 percent – actually remain with live TV during commercial breaks instead of leaving the room or changing the channel.

The study also found that TV advertising reaches 85 percent of adults daily, and that the average viewer sees 26 advertising breaks per day with an average length of 2 minutes and 46 seconds each.

Notably, 56 percent of viewers are engaged solely with media, mostly live TV viewing, during commercial breaks. This is actually 1 percent higher than those engaged with media during the two minutes of live programming before the commercial break.

Also interesting was the finding that channel-changing behavior is similar during both live programming and commercial breaks. The CRE found that 11 percent of viewers change channels in the four minutes before a commercial break, 14 percent change channels during commercials, and 13 percent change channels in the four minutes after programming has returned.

Adding to the appeal of TV advertising, Nielsen recently reported that the number of TV sets per American household has shown the largest annual growth since 2006, and that there are still more TVs than people per American home.ADNFCR-3041-ID-19775647-ADNFCR