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Media Link’s Michael Kassan is known as our industry’s “player,” and he exhibited some Hollywood-esqe sucking up in introducing his consumer experts panel at the Four As conference this afternoon, calling Ball State’s Mike Bloxham, a “rock star.”

That was nice, and probably true, but how do you introduce the rest of your panel after setting that bar. Well, Kassan lowered the bar a notch, introducing MediaVest’s Jim Kite as “probably a rock star” too. Ouch.



At the 4As conference in New Orleans this week, the themes obsessively revisited were consumers’ desires and their preferred methods of media consumption. But there was a special twist: Actual focus groups, comprised of three important consumer groups—millennials/Gen Y’ers (age 20-30), baby…(subscription required)

TV Week

by Daisy Whitney

An oft-heard phrase in the advertising business is, “It’s all about the consumer.” That will be the mantra at the American Association of Advertising Agencies conference, which is hosting local New Orleans consumers on its panels as part of the trade group’s reality check.

“Unlike conferences we’ve had in the past, which started and ended with industry people talking, this year’s conference begins with a trio of live consumer focus groups: young people, baby boomers and women,” said Kipp Cheng, senior VP of communications for the 4A’s. “Each segment that follows the consumer panels will respond, in one way or another, to what the consumer panels had to say.”

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