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by David Goetzl

Many in Utah deem the beer offensive, maybe rightly. Still, it was too bad the bar didn’t have Polygamy Porter. The local favorite’s label features a nude guy surrounded by six women. And its tagline is hard to top: “Why have just one?” So, it would have been fun to watch people react as a bartender handed over a bottle. And maybe a keg of laughs if a battle of the punch lines broke out. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Media Daily

By David Goetzl

PARK CITY, Utah – Victoria’s Secret was lucky not to lose a customer. In fact, when word trickles back to headquarters about what happened with a recent email promotion, new quality control might be implemented. Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit Cocktail Reception, Captiva Island, Florida

Just An Online Minute…

This lovely piece written by guest socializer, David Goetzl.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow with some Cinco De Mayo debauchery! – Kelly Samardak

Marley provided the background music, but Buffett would have fit right in. The attendees at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit gathered Sunday night at an idyllic setting at the Captiva Island, Fla. resort that called to mind Buffett’s beloved Keys

That’s Jimmy — not Warren, whose inability to call the recession would likely have conjured up unwanted feelings.

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by Mike Bloxham

An interesting conversational undercurrent seemed to be doing the rounds Monday at the Email Insider Summit amid the balmy groves of Captiva Island. Amid the various interchanges with various email aficionados, I found myself in a fair few unrelated conversations about the forthcoming resurgence of embedded video within emails.There is clearly a consensus that with the improvements in the technology, the related lowering of production costs and the increased incidence of household broadband penetration, the market is about ready to re-visit something that has been tried in the past but with less than stellar results.

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Mediapost Raw

by Mike Bloxham

From the twenty year old student to the sixty-something retired ballet instructor this morning’s panel of women [at the Email Insider Summit in Captiva] showed us a remarkable and varied array of behaviors and attitudes as well some consistent ones (and the title of this piece comes from how one of them introduced herself to me when we met)

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by DJ Waldow, Director of Best Practices & Deliverabilty at Bronto

The Email Insider Summit continues to deliver on it’s promise of being, “a totally unique event where the biggest brands and brightest minds caucus for three-days on state of email marketing.” Day one did not disappoint. Below is a recap of some of the highlights.

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Mediapost Raw

by Mike Bloxham

The answer may be when it comes to privacy.

Listening to the final session of the morning today at the Email Insider Summit there was much talk of the abiity to take and leverage data based on the behavior of individuals – obviously a boon from a targeting perspective, but to some at least, potentially contentious on the privacy front.

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