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AD Job

by Chris Thilk

Here’s a newsflash, in the form of a research study, for advertisers: You have a problem with people skipping TV commercials that’s entirely divorced from the DVRs you fear so much. Lost Remote passes on the findings of a study conducted by Ball state’s Center for Media Design that shows 45 percent of commercial breaks are avoided either by channel changing, checking out the program guide or – and this one’s the real shocker – leaving the room. People are also talking to others in the room or engaging themselves with another medium such as flipping through a magazine when the commercials are on. Just over 30 percent of the ad breaks measured were watched in their entirety and almost half were watched for a minute or less. Since so many of the “scene shifts,” as the study calls them occur in the first minute of the commercial break that puts a heavy amount of pressure on the first ad in the break. Basically that one needs – absolutely needs – to hold the attention of the viewer for the rest of the spots to even stand a chance.

So here’s a thought for you: Stop worrying about ways to foil DVR usage or count a “commercial minute” and start creating some truly engaging ads. I don’t mean ads that show a bear getting hit in the groin by a hammer-wielding Burt Reynolds. I mean ads that are going to compel me to not only buy the product advertised but watch the ad in the first place. I know this might seem odd to some of you but I think it’s worth a shot.

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