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Stop the presses – contrary to every bit of analysis these days, social media is not the future of internet marketing, it’s all about the old-fashioned techniques.

Well, that’s according to ExactTarget, who found in a study with Ball State University that 18 to 34-year-olds “are more likely to be influenced to make purchases based on email marketing messages and direct mail than marketing messages on social networks”.

It might be worth noting at this point that ExactTarget are an email marketing company, but they did have the academics at the unfortunately-initialled BS University to back them up.

Royal mail may also be glad that someone else is backing up its research on the continuing usefulness of direct mail.

According to Mike Bloxham, director of insight and research at the university’s centre for media design: “It is too easy to assume that the media consumers choose for their own news, information and entertainment are, by default, the best media to use for marketing messages.

“This is a dangerous assumption to make in a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their level of control over their media experiences.”

“Dangerous” might be a bit strong, but are the researchers right that social media is not the best choice for internet marketing?

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