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Harker Research

Defenders of PPM argue that lower PPM listening levels prove that diary keepers over-report their listening. Recent research suggests just the opposite. It is quite possible that diary keepers actually under-report their listening.

As reported by cnet here, a report issued by Forrester shows weekly usage of radio along with television, the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. The numbers were gathered from a self- administered survey of 40,000 Americans.

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Harker Research

You may have glanced at the headlines regarding the results of a major media study conducted by the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence at Ball State University’s Center for Media Design. The study found that the majority of video viewing was still via television. You can find the study here.

In a blog post on the Huffington Post web site, Susan Whiting, Vice Chair and Executive Vice President of the Nielsen Company, described the findings this way:

If you’ve come across news coverage of the media industry of late, you can be forgiven for believing that audiences are too consumed by their iPhones and the Internet to watch television. These days, suggestions that “TV is on the bubble” might lead you to think consumers are ditching their plasma screens for new platforms. There’s just one problem with this — it’s wrong. The fact is consumers are watching more television than ever before.

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