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NEW YORK — People barely spend time watching online videos, according to a new study on behalf of Nielsen’s Council for Research Excellence.

Those surveyed by Sequent Partners and Ball State University’s Center for Media Design spent less than 1% of their day watching online video.

The findings were revealed on Tuesday at a meeting hosted by media agency MPG in New York, reported Joe Mandese of MediaPost.
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That’s exactly how a new $3.5 million study — funded by the Nielsen Co. — will track the media usage habits of a panel of about 450 consumers in separate phases throughout this year beginning next month. CRE, comprising agency, media company and client executives, was formed in 2005 to develop studies that provide insights into consumer viewing habits and help Nielsen sharpen the methodologies it uses to measure audiences across a growing array of media. In addition to funding the study, Nielsen Media Research (like The Hollywood Reporter a unit of the Nielsen Co.) will help recruit the consumer panels, which will be comprised of former participants in Nielsen’s national TV ratings panel.

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