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Christina Galoozis

When actor Patrick Swayze’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was first reported on March 5, 2008, the term “pancreatic cancer” was pretty low on Google’s list of popular searches. But the next day, traffic for the same search term spiked to six times its average. This is precisely the type of information health care organizations should be paying attention to, according to a study by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design that tracked health-related search patterns using Google Trends, a free tool that determines the popularity of key words.The study’s main takeaway: Health care marketers can adapt to, and even use to their advantage, the online search habits of consumers.

Understanding when and why people search for specific health-related terms is vital to attracting more visitors (i.e. patients) to a Web site.

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Indianapolis Business Journal

by J.K. Wall

MUNCIE—Half a dozen students crowded around Jo Ann Gora last month to show the Ball State University president their newly created interactive news and advertising program. to add value.”independent feature film called “Fighter.” They worked on the movie throughout 2008, including during the summer.

Universities’ turning professors’ ideas into businesses or products is nothing new. But more are now turning to students for the same purpose, said Jon Soderstrom, president of the Association of University Technology Managers. Read the rest of this entry »

Indianapolis Business Journal

by Anthony Schoettle

Clips from IMS Productions widely viewed on Web network

 Shows provided by IMS Productions, the video production arm of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, are among the top draws for Joost, a high-profile Internet provider of television content launched last October.

In December, IMS Productions had more than 150,000 viewers stream its video clips through Joost, adding to a quarter in which it racked up 500,000 video views through Joost, which has more than 2 million registered users.

A Joost spokesman confirmed the IMS content was among the most viewed attractions on the site, but wouldn’t provide specifics. Read the rest of this entry »

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