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The average American spends an average of 8.7 hours each day consuming video media, and younger Baby Boomers (ages 45-54) watch the largest amount, 9.5 hours, according to recent collaborative research on video-viewing habits in the US, writes MarketingCharts.

The large-scale Video Consumer Mapping study, which was conducted on behalf of the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence (CRE) by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design (CMD) and Sequent Partners, also reveals that traditional, live television is still the most popular form of video media watched by Americans of all ages surveyed. Read the rest of this entry »


Online marketing firm Sitebrand is using Silverpop’s email marketing technology to enhance its client offerings.

Silverpop enables marketers to launch email marketing campaigns, then extend them to social networks, where their messages can be “virally” shared. It also assists with lead-gen campaigns and provides analytics.

VP-Sales/Marketing Darryl Praill of Sitebrand said it chose Silverpop for its “strong reporting capabilities and flexible level of customization.”

Silverpop “makes it easy for our clients to send targeted email campaigns that drive traffic to a website. And once that traffic arrives, Sitebrand [serves] personalized web campaigns that ensure consistent, relevant messaging” — a combination he believes will improve conversions.

Last October, Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and ExactTarget reported that youth are more receptive to email — versus social network-based — marketing. To build email’s engagement potential, Goodmail Systems recently developed a way to insert, and play, videos within email messages.

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Marketers shouldn’t assume that the medium consumers use to relay information to each other is also the best means to advertise to them.

This was the conclusion made by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and ExactTarget, after studying the influence of various advertising channels on young adults (18 to 34).

The demographic is more influenced by direct and email marketing messages than ads on social networks, the study found.

The results were surprising, considering that email users have reportedly begun using social networking sites, instant messaging (IM), text messaging, and cell phones at the expense of email. Still, 44% (versus 51% in 2007) said email inspired at least one online purchase, according to a September JupiterResearch report.

The ExactTarget study outlined six personas and measured how they interact with different media. Highlights (via the companion release):

  • Wired Users: 20% subscribed for marketing communications via SMS (more so than any other group) but want to receive texts only for urgent customer service issues, like financial alerts or travel updates.
  • Young Homemakers: Over half use social networks and SMS during the day, but direct mail and email are their preferred marketing channels.
  • Retired: 81% purchased online and 94% have been influenced by some form of direct marketing to make a purchase.
  • College Students: Very spam-savvy, they believe private communication channels (e.g., SMS, social networks) are off-limits for marketers.
  • Teens: Though they use social networking more than any other group, they are more likely to make a purchase from direct mail, followed by email, SMS, and social network sites.
  • Established Professionals: Within this group, women are more likely than men to use new digital media channels like IM, SMS, and social networking to communicate with friends and family. Both men and women, however, shop online — 92% of consumers in this group have made an online purchase.

The full whitepaper can be downloaded directly from ExactTarget.

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