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by Tom Siebert

Marketers, take note: This year’s college class carries a certain distinction–the most wired.



Data released yesterday from the Alloy Media + Marketing’s 2006 College Explorer Study, in tandem with Harris Interactive, shows that 2006’s campus class is the largest in history, at 17.4 million. It also carries a record number of gadgets to keep students connected in dorms, classrooms and commons. Read the rest of this entry »

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by Joe Mandese

One unspoken casualty of Turner Broadcasting Systems’ takeover of spunky cable network Court TV may be some important, objective research on how people use media. Debbie Reichig, senior vice president-sales strategy at Court TV and the champion of the channel’s primary research programs for advertisers and agencies, is out as result of the merger. Reichig, along with former Executive Vice President-Advertising Sales Charlie Collier, spearheaded what many agencies regard as some of the best recent research on so-called media engagement, but their departure is casting doubt in the minds of some top agency executives about whether the program – or at least its spirit – can continue under Turner’s management. Read the rest of this entry »

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New insights drawn from a unique and well-regarded study of consumer media behavior may have uncovered some important clues for cracking Madison Avenue’s so-called “media engagement” code, an industry-wide effort to understand how consumers are involved with and influenced by media. The initial findings suggest print media such as magazines and newspapers are far more engaging than electronic media like TV, radio and the Internet, but they also garner far smaller shares of the time consumers spend with media. That paradox suggests that print media may be inherently more valuable for advertisers than more pervasive electronic media, which the study implies are treated like “background” media. But the findings, which academic researchers at Ball State University gleaned from their so-called Middletown Media Studies, stop short of answering Madison Avenue’s most important question: how do consumers engage with advertising content within these media?”The intent of this paper is to see what we have in the Middletown Media Studies that can inform the current discussion about engagement,” said Mike Bloxham, director of testing and assessment for BSU’s Center For Media Design. Read the rest of this entry »

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by Joe Mandese

A year after it released a breakthrough study indicating that consumers spend far more time with media than conventional media industry research has suggested, Ball State University is going back into the field with a much larger and far more ambitious second phase. The new phase, which is scheduled for the next six weeks, will be the largest and most detailed direct observation of how people actually use media. Read the rest of this entry »

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