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The Huffington Post

by Andy Myers

A case study presented at Tuesday’s Collaborative Alliance in Manhattan carried the subtitle, “A Directional Work in Progress,” and it struck me that that could describe the state of the Interactive TV industry today: a work in progress.

The goals for advertisers, agencies and distribution platforms are clear: precise addressability (targeting the right consumers); true interactivity and engagement of those prospective consumers; and accurate measurement of the effectiveness of campaigns. But knowing the challenges and solving them are two very different things.

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The Huffington Post

by Susan Whiting

If you’ve come across news coverage of the media industry of late, you can be forgiven for believing that audiences are too consumed by their iPhones and the Internet to watch television. These days, suggestions that “TV is on the bubble” might lead you to think consumers are ditching their plasma screens for new platforms. There’s just one problem with this — it’s wrong. The fact is consumers are watching more television than ever before.

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