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Between May and August of 2008, Ball State University’s Center for Media Design conducted usability testing of several WordPress interfaces. Two rounds of testing were conducted with eye tracking at CMD’s New York facility, the Media Insight Center, with the first round in May and the second round in July of that year. This downloadable report outlines the project findings from each of these phases.
For anyone that is serious about WordPress (or blog design) this is essential reading.


by Alpha

The saying is old as the world itself – If it’s working, don’t “fix” it. Even evolution obeys it. Take crocodiles and sharks – both species are older than dinosaurs and their appearance barely changed for millions of years.

Unfortunately, in harsh contrast with mother Nature, many web developers and designers think it’s very important to force changes once or twice a year at any cost.

The first real nightmare came when Facebook underwent a face lift. Apart from simple skin stretching, the experts working on it decided to crush some bones, redraw the jaw, pull all the teeth out and replant them on the back of the head. Of course, being one of the largest sites, it can get away with everything, just like Michael Jackson. Hooray for beauty! Read the rest of this entry »

by Jane Wells

A question I hear pretty frequently is, “Why a redesign of the admin panel so soon after 2.5?” Those who have attended WordCamps in the past few months have already heard the answer, but for the people who haven’t had that opportunity, this post is for you.

When the community response to the 2.5 admin redesign was mixed, it seemed like a good idea to do usability testing to find out which issues were based on actual interface problems vs. which complaints were just a result of not liking change. To prevent bias, a third party was contracted to conduct usability testing, Ball State University’s Center for Media Design, Insight and Research division. Try saying that three times fast with a mouth full of peanut butter. Or fitting it on a business card. To save time, we’ll just call that third party CMD, since that’s what they call themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Insight and Research at the Center for Media Design (CMD) has begun to receive quite a bit of attention from industry publications and mainstream media outlets in the last several years as a groundbreaking and reputable media research organization. This archive is only for educational purpose, if the content involved any copyright issue, please contact: Michelle Prieb:
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