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The notion that TV is dead is trumped by research that shows it’s never been healthier


by Chris Rohrs

“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” —Yogi Berra

As everyone knows, television is dead. We know this because, well, because everybody knows it. Like Jerry Mathers, from Leave It to Beaver, died in Vietnam. Everybody knows that. Except he didn’t.

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By Erwin Ephron

Research makes for bad conversation. It’s too fussy for casual talk and can leave the wrong impression. Have you been following the countless discussions on TV commercial ratings?

Since the people meter was introduced in 1987, TV ratings have been based on viewing during the average minute of a program. But advertisers also want to know how many people watch their messages. This has led Nielsen Media Research to propose commercial-minute ratings, which has led to lots of industry discussion. What is it all about? Read the rest of this entry »

MediaWeek -

-By Katy Bachman

To better understand how people consume video across new and traditional platforms inside and outside the home, Nielsen Media Research’s Council for Research Excellence announced Monday it had commissioned a pilot study by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design.

For the pilot study, researchers will directly observe the minute-by-minute activities of a sample of participants. The findings will help researchers assess the viability of a larger study that would run over a full year and provide information on how different video platforms might be measured, in keeping with the goal of Nielsen’s Anytime Anwhere Media Measurement initiative to offer integrated video measurement across video platforms.

The study was proposed jointly by Ball State’s Center for Media Design and Sequent Partners, a brand and media metrics consultant.

“This study represents an important step toward better understanding how consumers interact with the multitude of new video outlets and devices available to them,” said Mark Kaline, global media manager for Ford Motor Co. and CRE chairman.

The CRE was created in 2005 by Nielsen to serve as an independent forum for Nielsen to help determine the ratings firm’s research and development spending. Nielsen set aside $2.5 million for the CRE, and renewed an additional $2.5 million earlier this year. Nielsen is owned by Mediaweek parent VNU.


by Katy Bachman

New findings from Ball State University’s Center for Media Design study show that how people are exposed to media is better defined by how they spend time time with various media, including their media multitasking habits, time of day, day of week and location.

“We know Americans spend about nine hours daily with radio, television, magazine, newspaper, computer and other media, but looking at media use solely in accumulated total minutes barely scrates the surface of how we use various media,” said Michael Holmes, CMD faculty research fellow and communication studies professor. Read the rest of this entry »

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