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MediaPost Blog – SearchInsider

by Gord Hotchkiss

I promised MediaPost a wrap-up (from the programming chair’s perspective) of last week’s Search Insider Summit. Honestly, from the moment that Brett Brewer from Microsoft first fired up Pivot to the final moments of day three, when Jen Milks and Michelle Prieb from Ball State gave us a glimpse into the minds of Gen Next, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my presenters. I’ve programmed a lot of these shows now and have never had as much positive response as I have from this one. Well-done, each and every one of you.
A lot has been said about the new TED-style format. I actually had a few TEDsters reach out to send best wishes prior to the summit. They also wanted feedback about the success of the show. I think it’s fair to say that the adopted TED format was a hit. Attendees loved the pace of the presentations, the varying perspectives presented — and, most of all, the conversations that were catalyzed by the content.
Here are a few of the many highlights from three days of SIS: Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPost Blog – SearchBlog
by Laurie Sullivan

Members of the generation raised on Google wants search engines to know how they think and feel. They want visual search, and for engines to serve them ideas based on personal information stored in social sites across the Web.
For example, when they search for movies after they’ve had a bad break-up, they want search engines to filter out romantic comedies. That might mean processing brain waves and reading physical movements through a PC camera, similar to Microsoft’s Project Natal.
That’s how a handful of Ball State University students would rethink how they find information online and offline, as well as redesign search on a variety of platforms and devices, according to Jen Milks and Michelle Prieb, project managers at Ball State University. The two shared their findings during the closing session Saturday of MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit. Read the rest of this entry »

MediaPost Blog

by David Goetzl

Many in Utah deem the beer offensive, maybe rightly. Still, it was too bad the bar didn’t have Polygamy Porter. The local favorite’s label features a nude guy surrounded by six women. And its tagline is hard to top: “Why have just one?” So, it would have been fun to watch people react as a bartender handed over a bottle. And maybe a keg of laughs if a battle of the punch lines broke out. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing Daily – MediaPost Blog

by Bob McCurdy

When it comes to how Americans consume media, an important new study makes it abundantly clear that people still love radio.
Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising as more than 235 million people tune in to radio each week. But a new landmark study shows that radio is second only to television – and a very close second – in how much time the average person actually spends with each medium. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Video Insider – MediaPostBlogs

by Mike Bloxham

For some time now I’ve been pondering scenarios in which the majority of the viewing of content originated for TV is viewed off-schedule.

Obviously I’m not the only or the first to do this.  As the number  of ways in which we can potentially view programming has multiplied, so have the conversations and questions about the impact of such behavior, and the rate at which it will grow and where it may plateau. Read the rest of this entry »

Mediapost News

by David Goetzel

Later this month, ExactTarget, the Email Marketers’ Club and the Center for Media Design at Ball State University will release the “2009 Email List Growth Study,” which will offer some survey results on best practices to build an email database.

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MediaPost Blog- Diane Mermigas on media

by Diane Mermigas

The highly touted Video Consumer Mapping Study is much ado about nothing, or everything — depending on the filter used to assess the voluminous findings and overall effort.


Based on the preliminary findings revealed March 26, the ambitious study reassures media and advertising executives that their TV dollars remain viable, declaring its continued dominance in a multiscreen world. Even multitasking young adults and younger baby boomers spend more time with television than with their indispensable smartphones, other mobile devices and computers. The dazzle of HDTV, DVR playback and DVDs contribute to TV’s 99% Three-Screen appeal among adults to age 55. Read the rest of this entry »

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