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Online Video Watch

By Corey Kronengold

Greetings from the OMMA Video conference. Its been an interesting – and sometimes insightful – morning, so here’s a few takeaways so far. Follow @ckronengold on twitter for my live updates and pithy commentary.

The keynote, Google’s Eileen Naughton, was underwhelming. Lots of stats and broad generalizations. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Did you know that 20% of YouTube’s audience is 55+? Me neither. I’m guessing that a lot of people are emailing and forwarding videos to their parents. No commentary on the frequency of those oldies. Oh, and “Fred,” one of YouTube’s most popular series, is generating seven figures.

Then Mike Bloxham and Jim Spaeth presented “Would You Like Some Context With That?” which introduced the Council for Research Excellence’s Video Consumer Mapping Study. Lots of data, and is available on the conference website for you to download and read for yourself.

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Mediapost Raw

The Nielsen-funded Council for Research  Excellence’s excellent consumer video mapping study has already burst a bubble in the myth that online video is actually dominating consumer media usage, but it’s also showing how vital it truly is to some big marketers. Like, say, Kraft.

That’s what Kraft research diva Barbara Singer said this morning during a presentation and panel discussion at OMMA Video in New York.

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